Lashes To Die For

Last week I visited the official 'lash queens' of Shoreditch, Moka & Sarah. I've always been intrigued in getting my eye lashes done after seeing them on celebrities such as Michelle Keegan, but I have never actually had them done. I also have been dying to have them done to reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning, girls I know you feel my pain ha!

I had seen a few dodgy lash jobs on people where the glue was visible on the lashes and I was petrified that that would happen to me! Thankfully, this was not the case with Moka & Sarah, who were a wonderful duo that looked after me for two hours while I had my premium full set of lashes applied. 


How did I find Moka & Sarah?

I actually discovered Moka & Sarah on The Glow Edit's blog and instantly researched where she had her lashes done, they were so natural looking and I loved them. I almost immediately booked my appointment with Moka & Sarah and I havn't looked back since! Moka uses a unique Japanese lash application technique which has been developed over ten years and actually prevents damage to the lashes, helping them grow. The technique is seriously impressive and my lashes look incredibly natural!


About Moka & Sarah

Moka started training as a eye lash artist when she was just 18, she trained in Japan and worked as a lash therapist for years serving over 1000 clients a year. Now at the age of 36, Moka lives in London producing beautiful lashes for the ladies of London all year round. Sarah was one of her most loyal customers when they eventually agreed to join forces and start up their own hugely successful business. 


The Application

Moka uses a Japanese technique developed over 10 years, the technique ensures minimal weight is added to the lashes to avoid damage to the natural lashes.  I had the full premium set put in and the whole process took 2 hours. I know some of you might be astonished at the time it took to have them put in, but it was worth every minute and the application is weirdly therapeutic, you can't feel much and Moka had her calming Japanese music playing in the background, although you do have the option of playing your own music as well, I think I even had a nap at some stages! 


The Result

Once the treatment was over, I was actually shocked at how amazing/thick the lashes were without looking false. In Japan lash technicians have to train for 3 years (compared to a day in the UK) and boy can you tell the difference! I have had so many questions from friends and family having them done, I can't recommend them enough! It also cuts the time I take to get ready in the morning by half because I have altered the way I do my eye makeup and I don't apply mascara anymore because I simply don't need too! I.e more time in bed in the morning. 



Moka & Sarah advised that if I wanted to keep my eyelashes on for longer to try and avoid using cotton pads, applying mascara or using any oil based cleansers as this will hinder the way the lashes are attached and make them fall out quicker. To be honest it's been an absolute pleasure getting ready in the morning, you'd be surprised how much more of a lie in you get in the morning without having to apply mascara before work!

Eye Lashes by Moka & Sarah 

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