Tips For Genuine Hair Growth

I have been dying to grow my hair for about 10 years now, but it never seems to grow past my shoulders. I have friends with such thick, long, shiny locks and I admittedly put my hands up and can say that I am envious of how much better their hair is than mine! If I'm completely honest, I moan about my hair a lot but put no actual effort in to ensure that it grows. Determined to change my hair and improve its health, I started doing my homework. I have spent copious amounts of money in the last two months on products and supplements and I have finally dwindled down my top 6 tips for genuine hair growth, so here it goes!



1. 3'' More Inches Range - By Michael Van Clark

I have started using an exciting new range called  3'' More inches by Michael Van Clark for the last month and I have seen visible results in a very short space of time! The shampoo contains cashmere proteins which penetrate deep into the hair shaft leaving your hair more glossy and healthy looking as well as leaving a protective layer. The shampoo is also great for maintaining colour for those of you with coloured hair. The whole range naturally rebuilds the structure of the hair promoting a faster growing more healthier head of hair! I have been using the stuff for a month now and have seen instant results. I also use the conditioner and the LifeSaver Leave in Styling Treatment which helps the hair to stay conditioned and helps protect against any heat applied to the hair. The Leave in Styling Treatment also protects any UV rays so it's perfect to use on the beach if you are planning on going away!


2. Supplements

Get yourself down to Holland and Barret and purchase some Vitamin B Complex, Sea Kelp, Biotin and Omega 3. All four of these are proven to improve the health of your hair and ensure hair growth. If you are interested in what the benefits of each supplement are, please see below;

Vitamin B Complex- plays an important role in keeping our bodies running like a well-oiled machine, Vitamin B also ensure healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. 

Biotin- Contributes to the production of healthy hair and nails. Biotin has been proven to help hair grow faster, a deficiency of this vitamin can make the hair fall out more frequently so stock up! 

Sea Kelp- is a type of brown seaweed that grows in the ocean, it contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins which does a world of good for your hair. Sea Kelp ensures that cleansing, toning and moisturising of the hair are all followed through in the hopes for hair growth!

Omega 3- contains fatty acids with have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help open the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth. 


3. Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum 

I discovered this new hair growth serum online, and purchased it in Boots to give it a whirl. You are advised to drop 20 droplets onto your scalp 20 times a day, but don't worry it's not greasy at all it just absorbs into the scalp. It's infused with hyaluronic acid to help moisturise the scalp, it contains Bio-Active Pea Sprout complex and Bio-Active Complex helping to activate and improve hair density. The serum contains 7 technologies proven to help hair growth within the first 8 days of use. I've nearly finished my first bottle and it is INSANE!


4. Coconut Oil DIY Mask

I know I'm a bit late to the party but hair masks really are the one. I noticed a few of my friends were using coconut oil. They would buy coconut oil and then melt it in the microwave and apply it all over their hair, I tried it on Sunday for the first time and it makes a really noticeable difference to the look and feel of your hair. Especially if you have dark hair, it makes your hair so glossy! 


5. Monthly Hair Treatments

I had a Brazilian blow dry done a few years ago and it was great. The technique they use is amazing for people with naturally, curly/frizzy hair, it just calms your hair down so when you wash your hair you can either wear it naturally or dry it without worrying about the frizz! Another treatment that has starting trending is the Olaplex hair treatment, this is to repair colored hair. For those of you that live in London or just outside, Hobs Salon do this for £25. Its a 3 step process that must be done first in a hair salon and then you are provided with an on-going treatment that you must use once a week from the comfort of your own home.

6. Heat Protection Spray

I was recently recommended this amazing thermal spray by Bamboo. I have always been opposed to heat protection sprays ever since GHD used to give away a free heat spray with every pair of straighteners sold. It used to have a slimy consistency and made my hair greasy and I also was not convinced that it actually protected my hair. The Bamboo Thermal Spray I can confidently say has a gorgeous smelling, creamy consistency, that does not leave a residue after use. The Bamboo thermal spray I now use is honestly the best product I have ever used on my hair. I can't actually wash my hair without it because I slather it on every time my hairs damp to help protect my hair from the heat and it also reduces breakages by up to 87%! The reviews on the internet for this product are incredible, I haven't seen one bad review yet and I'm about to write my own because it's honestly saved me hair from years of coloring.


Additional quick tips to ensure hair growth;

- Blast your hair with cold water at the end of your shower for added gloss.

- Don't get your hair caught in your hand bag when it's on your shoulder.

-Wear a hair cap when you go to sleep to reduce hair being pulled out as you toss and turn. 

-ALWAYS protect with oil or heat spray after you have a shower to ensure hair is nourished and hydrated. 

-Use high end quality products

-Get regular trims every 8 weeks! Very important.