How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Mastering the 'selfie' has been challenging for me...girls the struggle is real. I used to watch my friends take them and the image would be uploaded within minutes where as I used to spend hours trying to get the right angle when I finally decided to do my research and master the art of the selfie. I actually teamed up with the skincare/makeup company 'Youngblood' to help take this this selfie on the weekend, so if you are wondering what products I used, read on. 

First of all...


Get A Good Nights Sleep

Don't laugh, it's true! Prepare 24 hours before D day girls..the perfect selfie will not be mastered on a hangover so don't even try and blag it. Get a good 8 hours sleep and wake up fresh faced ready for your 'shoot' it's game time.


Prep Your Skin Before Applying Your Make-up

Ensure you exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin with hot water before applying ANY make-up to your skin, this should be your routine anyway but just incase you forgot ;) 


Invest In A Good Primer

For the selfie above I used the Youngblood mineral based primer before applying my make-up. This gorgeous primer has a silky finish ensuring your skin is even before applying foundation. This primer is also packed with minerals and vitamins to help protect your skin against any environmental damage, great for a city gal like myself!



Find your 'go-to' window or buy a ring light, do what you gotta do girl...but make it happen. I found a ring light makes my life so much easier with selfie taking, however they are around £150 so they are not cheap, I actually bought one for filming my YouTube videos...that's my excuse anyway. Then again there are always iphone cases with lights built into them. 


Highlighter and Contour is key..

If you talk to any photographer they will tell you that one of the most important factors in taking a good photo is lighting. So if you are able to replicate shadows and highlights with your makeup to help a photo look better, than why not try it out! I used the highlighter palette and contour palette from Youngblood. They are both powder based but are so so handy! They both have 6 shades in each palette so everyone can use them. 


Use A Good Instagram Filter

My favourite selfie filters on Instagram are definitely Crema or Aden. I use different filters for different things, but I find Crema and Aden really make your skin glow, and that's all a girl wants in life.

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