Dryby London | Best Blow-dry in London?

On Friday I went and got 'my hair did' at Dryby London. You may recognise this venue from the Free People press launch I went too last year that I blogged about. There are plenty of blow dry bars cropping up round London now, and for a city girl like myself, they are perfect and extremely convenient. I decided to break my experience at Dryby down into sections for you.


The Venue

Instagrammable is an understatement... from heavy wooden floors to thick marble tables this modern blow dry bar is pure eye candy. Dryby is situated on Mortimer Street just off of Regent Street, so you are still in the buzz of London but the salon is pleasantly quiet and peaceful. 


The Consultation

I was seen by Franscesco, who was basically a hair guru..intentive, knowledgable and very understanding of my hair concerns and the look I was after. I would describe his technique as 'slick'. There were multiple choice of hair styles which he talked he through, I chose the beach wave look (obvs). 


The Wash

I was given the most thorough wash I've ever been given. It took slightly longer then normal but boy did he do good. Francesco used a brand called Original Mineral on me which I've actually used before, I used their protein mask from Space NK not long ago and loved it! O&M's theory is that you should clear your head from stress and reduce chemical overload and by adding minerals back into the scalp and hair strand- which I love! Francesco used a cleansing detox shampoo and conditioner on me which contained teatree oil so my scalp felt minty and fresh. He topped off the treatment with the 'Seven Day Miracle Mask' which smelt UNREAL. 


The Head Massage 

Now this is always the part I look forward too when I get my hair done. I don't know what Fransesco did but it was almost hypnotic, I nearly fell asleep! It was by far the most amazing scalp massage I've ever received. My scalp felt completely revitalised and refreshed, especially after the detox treatments Francesco used. 


The Blow-Dry 

The blow-dry was ..just incredible, which just proves preperation is key !


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