The Skincare Brand That Does Anti-Aging CHOCOLATE!


Yes, you heard. Supermood is a holistic skincare brand from Finland. In addition to serving high quality, beautiful smelling skincare products, this brand also offer an edible ant-ageing chocolate which contains collagen. All of the products are researched, produced and made in Finland, which is extremely rare but wonderful at the same time!

I had the wonderful opportunity of trying out x3 products from the range over the last month which were The Perfect Day Cream, the Egoboost Youth Glow Face Oil and the Beauty Chocolate. The Supermood products are all based round your mood. They do 3 ranges called 'Egoboost', 'Beauty Sleep' and 'Youth Glow'. One of the things I love about Supermood are the catchy names of their products, one of their products is called 'One Minute Facelift'! I usually use Chantecaille skincare so Supermood had a lot to live up too, I used all 3 products for a month and this is what I found.. 


Egoboost -The Perfect Day Cream

Love it- it does absorb quickly into the skin but that does not mean it isn't nourishing. I paired it together with my Chantecaille Vital Essence, the two make a great couple..I used it morning and night and really saw a difference in my skin, it felt more awake and my skin was definitely brighter creating a perfect base for my foundation. The Perfect Day Cream contains menthol extract which is really refreshing in the morning if you need a good wake up call..much better than my iPhone alarm. 


Youth Glow Oil

I think every girl should have an oil incorporated into their skincare routine. Oils penetrate into the skin alot deeper than moisturisers do, so they are ideal for people with dry skin like myself. The oil contains rose hip and lingonberry which help plump and nourish the skin. I used this on it's own as a night treatment or sometimes I would add in a few droplets into my moisturiser. This is a great product and it smells absolutly divine!


Egoboost Beauty Chocolate

Now onto the good stuff..yes this really is edible anti-ageing chocolate, yes it tastes good and yes I ate it all in one go, but what is actually in it? The Egoboost Beauty Chocolate contains edible fish collagen, cocoa beans, palm sugar & cocoa butter..but don't worry it doesn't taste of fish!


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Egoboost Beauty Chocolate

Youth Glow Radiance Oil

Egoboost The Perfect Day Cream