My Tanning Routine

You may have seen my recent YouTube video about my tanning routine, however, I wanted to do a dedicated blog post about the steps I go through with my tan as well in case you wanted it in writing ;)

I often get asked what tan I use, how I maintain an even tan & what I do to prolong the tan, real or fake. I invest a lot into my skincare, tan and aftercare products, I think it's really important to look after your skin, not just on your face but your body too. Just like I always preach about how good skincare = good makeup, it goes the same for tanning, good body care = good tan, it's really quite simple! The more you look after your skin in the week and keep it exfoliated, moisturised and clean the better you will tan in time for the weekend!



I used to get told this all this time but never really took it seriously until my mid-twenties, exfoliating on a weekly basis is extremely important in order to scrub off any old tan and to keep skin smooth and free of marks/scars or old tan. The whole exfoliating process is definitely a two-way process, without moisturising after.. I wouldn't bother! The skin needs that extra nourishment after exfoliating, dry brushing it also good for the skin and circulation and helps reduce celulite. I use the Apricot Scrub from Boots and the Dove glow moisturiser



I use The Sun Angel bed at The Tanning Shop this sunbed is a total game changer for girls who use sunbeds, it's virtually impossible to burn on them! The Sun Angel has multiple benefits which other sunbeds don't, it scans your skin tone to protect you from burning and provide you with an overall bespoke tan for your skin type. It has an air conditioner and water spray to keep you cool during your sunbed, it also has built-in speakers and a subwoofer so you can plug in your iPhone, I usually play my Spotify playlists while I am tanning not to mention the whole bed is voice assisted to help you control the air conditioner, facial tanners and music!It really is a different experience to tanning on a normal sunbed, and I won't ever go back! I use the California Tan 949 lotion to make my tan to last longer, you can buy this at The Tanning Shop.


Tanning Products

After I do the above steps I usually use the Vita Liberata 2/3 week tan and the Body Blur to keep my tan in check. I usually use my Dove moisturiser and then fake tan 2 hours later. Using The Sun Angel has definitely helped me achieve more of 'glowy' tan to my skin, together with the products I use I achieve a perfectly even tan throughout the year, not just in the Summer!


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Disclaimer- this post was written in collaboration with The Tanning Shop and was sponsored.