SAMAYA Skincare Review

I recently mentioned this brand in one of my previous skincare posts when I tried out their cleanser which I loved a couple of months ago. Well, this month, I was lucky enough to try out the Samaya face oil and moisturizer, and boy oh boy, I fell head over heels. All of their products smell incredibly beautiful, I’ve actually  noticed this brand before in Fenwick on the shelf but never really taken much notice until I was given the opportunity to try it, it’s absolutely stunning – from the packaging to the ingredients it’s everything you want in a skincare range.  Now, baring in mind my usual ‘go to’ is Chantecaille for my skincare so it’s hard to try other skincare brands as I often find myself veering off the beaten track for a week or two before running straight back to Chantecaille but I have to say, Samaya skincare meets the requirements, it will sit firmly on my skincare shelf along with all of my other Chantecaille products for a long time to come, well done Samaya, you made the cut.


Samaya Face Oil

I am a big fan of face oils, I love using them as a nighttime treatment on my skin, I always find that I sleep better when I wear oils as well -weird eh? Anyone else find that too?  The Samaya face oil comes in a stunning glass bottle with a pump, it really gives off that luxury feel when you hold the bottle, and you feel as though you are rewarding your skin after a hard long day when you put it on, almost like a mini treatment. I always massage the oil into my skin using upward motions along my cheekbones to give that fresh lifted look afterwards. If you’re feeling adventurous add a droplet of this oil into your foundation with some liquid highlighter and it creates the most beautiful dewy finish & a glow you can’t compare and your skin will thank you as well.


Samaya Face Moisturiser

If you’re after a moisutirser that smoothes, heals and glides on like no other you need to try this face cream, it’s life changing. I would class this cream as a perfect day cream, as I usually like my night creams to be slightly heavier,  but for daytime it’s perfect and light, just want you need in the morning when you getting ready for work, fuss free- you know? I use this along with my Chantecaille Vital Essence Serum, the two marry each other really well.


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