The Skincare That Will Help You To Sleep

I think you can tell a lot about someone by just looking at their skin, hence why I can’t stress the importance of looking after it enough. I know it may seem like a chore now but you will see the benefits in ten years time when your skin is radiant and supple compared to your friends who turned their nose up to investing their money in their everyday skincare routine.

In this day and age, most of us have a hectic lifestyle and are always seeking something to relax us whether it’s a spa day, a holiday or even a great skincare range. I don’t know about you but finding good skincare is like finding gold dust, you don’t let go of it! I look forward to my 5 minutes of ‘me time’ after work when I do my skincare routine, it just takes the right brand to convert you & this is exactly what AEOS skincare can do for you. Their philosophy is to 'first care for the soil' then 'feed the skin' and finally 'nourish the soul' I mean if that doesn't win your heart over, I don't know what does?

It's funny how I shop now compared to when I was younger, I use to fly into Space NK and chuck anything in my basket, now, I do a thorough research online before 'investing' and yes, it's your face, it's an investment. Everyones skin is different so doing your background checks is crucial on a brand, after all you only have one face you may aswell give it the vip treatment. 


About the brand

I’ve been using the award winning AEOS Skincare for the last month,  AEOS carry similar morals and ethos as Chantecaille skincare which I normally use, so that made things a little easier.. organic, no parabens, you get the jist.

I think for a woman trying new skincare is always going to be a hard decision if you’re stuck in your routine you’ve been in for years, but I think everyone needs to take a leap of faith when it comes to trying out new products, after all what’s the worst that could happen?!

AEOS have also been awarded the 'Butterfly Mark'  meaning its's a positive luxury brand.


What's A 'Positive Luxury' Brand?

This means that the company is a #brandtotrust. None of their products contain Mineral Oil, they are free from phthalates, they have good supplier practices in place, free from propylene glycol, the products are also paraben free & they do not test on animals. All in all, the products are harmless to the environment and very ethical helping us save the planet, little by little.


The Products

If you are after a super nourishing facial oil cleanser that glides onto the skin and slips away eye make up with one swish, you need to try the AEOS Oil Facial Cleanser. I used to dread removing my eye makeup after work, and I have always used a cream cleanser however it takes twice as long to remove makeup, using an oil cleanser changes the whole game, it actually cuts the time in half it takes me to get ready for bed now resulting in more sleep cancelling out any tired mornings, it sounds like a win win situation right? AEOS Skincare has lavender extracts in their products, which helps to calm the skin and your energy, which also will help you sleep better. The AEOS energizing serum is great if you want to revive your skin after you cleanse. It’s cooling gel-like consistency soothes the skin and tightens pores, it’s also very moisturizing so it creates a great base for your moisturizer.


So, what did I think?

I think the biggest result I noticed from using AEOS, would definitely be the improvement on my sleep and skin! Because the products contain lavender, they were great to use in the evening & of course lavender is proven to help you sleep. My favourite product would definitely be the Cleansing Oil and the Facial Mist, both are super nourishing as really helped clear up my skin. 


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