The Facialist That You Will Want To Make Your Friend

It's funny because I have a thousand and one things I need to do before writing this post but I'm just so excited to share it with you, It's been boosted to the top of my 'to do list'. I paid a visit to Lisa Franklin in Chelsea on Friday, she owns her own non-surgical beauty salon offering treatments from facials to spray tans, it's all going on up there.

I was feeling a bit stressed out from work so I was seriously excited to be invited to go and meet Lisa and her magic hands.  This was the second facial I have ever had but my god was it different to the first one.When I entered the salon I had the warmest wave of energy come over me, it was the most amazing feeling, there was calming music playing, a beautiful Swedish girl at the 'reception' as you may call it, and the interior was styled down to a T, I particularly noticed the crystals that were everywhere, crystal coasters, crystal stones, crystal sinks, it felt like I had stepped into Aladdin's den, except it was Lisa's...and x10 times more beautiful. It's funny because I was actually really stressed out en route there, but as soon as I stepped through the door I didn't even look at my phone, it was like everything was left at the door, I was engulfed in the calm energy the salon exuded. I was sat quietly happily sipping my water from my gold ombre glass up, examining the room, taking it all it and wondering what Lisa was going to be like..


Then Lisa walked through the door..

She was exactly how I imagined her to be, glowing. From her skin to her energy, everything about the woman screamed happy, I love it when you meet people like that, it's so rare to find. Lisa introduced herself and led me into her 'office' aka the treatment room. We sat down and had a chat about my skin and my concerns and what I wanted to achieve from the facial, Lisa then examined my skin under a light. Instantly she could pick up I that I eat too quick, I don't cleanse properly and I need more sleep, it was like she was psychic!


The Facial

The FacialThe facial was amazing, Lisa used a mix between different products some of which were from her own LF brand, an oxygen machine which helped to penetrate product into the skin, and an exfoliating device. The facial in total was about just over an hour, because you have to tye in the initial consultation which is so important, because every woman needs their facialist to understand their skin before doing the hard work. My skin was absolutely glowing when I looked in the mirror, it was just radiant, and there was NO redness which you usually find you get after a facial, I was seriously impressed!


1 Week Later..

I took all of Lisa's advice onboard, I now cleanse my neck as well as my face, I am careful not to miss my hair line, I'm eating slower and noticing the difference in my skin. Lisa kindly gave me her carefully prescribed primer which she has launched, it's actually in Harvey Nichols if you want to go try it out! The primer is great, I wear under my makeup now and it has really improved my skin. over all I am SO impressed with not just the facial, but the customer service, my ambience of the salon, the treatment I recieved after the facial and all the advice I was given. I opened up to Lisa and told her about my struggle I have with my hair because I used to have hair extensions and it made my hair very thin and weak, she recommended drinking 'Skinade' which is a drinkable solution you had to 1/2 a glass of water every morning after food, the solution has vitamins like zinc in it which don't only help your skin but your hair aswell. 1 week on and I am an extremely happy customer! I can't wait to go back!


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