A Scent That Lasts - Penhaligons

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of spending money on perfumes that don't last all day. Not naming names, but I've tried the whole 'moisturise before you spray' idea and other tips I've found on the internet but nothing seems to work. Then it dawned on me...when it comes to perfume, quality over quantity is the only foolproof solution. Forget the ml's and focus on the ingredients and the brand, this way you will have a guaranteed smell..that will last

One of my first ever jobs was as a Buyers Admin Assistant at Urban Outfitters HQ. I will never forget the scent of the gorgeous CEO we had - you could smell it in the lift every morning and all the way down the hallways leading up to her office. In fact, if you followed the trail of scent you could probably find her at the end of it! Since then, I've been searching for a perfume that does just that, and I have!

Read on..

 You may have heard of Penhaligons, a British Perfumers established back in 1870 (Over 147 years old)! To read the full story behind the brand watch this video.

I currently wear their The Bewitching Yasmine perfume. It has an incredibly deep strong smell which produces a scent that is quiet frankly out of this world. Although retailing at £178, this stuff is the bomb...as soon as you spray it, it screams luxury and that's all a girl really needs, right? I feel like I transform into a woman when I wear this scent AND it really does last all day, it's gorgeous. You only need one or two sprays and it's worth every dime. 

Do you know what I love most about this brand? When you buy online you can engrave the bottle with whatever you want, what a gorgeous gift, eh? Other than that it's a beautiful asset to a room, I leave it on my desk at home as the bottle is really quite something, I sometimes use it as a room spray as well!


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or try some of there other scents here!


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