The 'Angel Balm' Everyone Is Talking About

I have followed Blogger Lucy Williams for years, I love reading her blog, so when I saw she had featured the 'Deep Pore Cleansing Angel Balm' from Alexandra Soveral I was so excited. I have single handidly bought alot through Lucys blog 'Fashion Me Now' so I have built up a trust to her blog, because nothing I have bought so far has dissapointed me. 

This balm is hand-blended in London, and boy is it good. It's multi functional purpose, is what initially attracted me- kill two birds with one stone type vibe. The official name on the 60ml jar is 'Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser and Restorative Mask' I mean if that doesn't lure you in I don't know what does. I personally have tried using it both as a cleanser and a mask and both work a treat. The smell is absolutely divine. The packaging comes with a 'cute' instruction manual on how to massage the product into your face, so I did. I used a hot musalin cloth to wash off the product, the stuff is magic. 


'The stuff is magic'


The description of the product says is suppose to 'improve dullness' I almost rolled my eyes before I tried it because alot of products make broken promises on the back of the jar (which makes my heart sad), but this time, this time, things were different...

I actually couldn't stop looking in the mirror, my skin was glowing! The product really did eliminate any dullness and the colour in my face was much more healthier and best of all my skin was silky smooth because of the nourishing rose properties in the product, I LOVED it, I couldn't wait to use it again, infact taking off my makeup suddenly didn't become so much of a chore?

Now, let's not forget about the Midnight Oil, because if I wasnt obsessed with the brand already from the Balm Cleanser the Midnight Oil was about to blow me out the water. This product is the 'best of the best' as stated by 'Harpers Bazaar' and classed as 'one of the best radiance boosters' by The Daily Telegraph Magazine. I use oils as more of a night time treatment, especially after a heavy weekend, your skin will thank you, they just add that extra bit of nourishment you need. This oil, other than the heavenly smell is rich in rose and geranium creating a smooth, sensual experience as it glides onto the skin.

So, it's official, I've been converted & I'm the brands biggest fan, there's no going back now!


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Angel Balm - Alexandra Soveral

Midnight Oil - Alexandra Soveral

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