Luxury Perfume

My shelf has never and will never be too full of perfumes. Round ones, tall ones, short ones, light ones, full-bodied ones, they're there for whatever occasion life throws at you.


I'd heard so much about Aura-Soma Pegasus perfumes online had frankly had no choice but to welcome a few bottles into my fragrance family. Aura-Soma create all their perfumes using only natural and organic ingredients from plants and flowers, and this made me really appreciate the sheer effort that's gone into every bottle and is therefore set to make every spray feel guilt free. Even the packaging is working in favour of the environment, using biodegradable and recyclable packaging whenever possible. So far, every box ticked! Now to the smell... 


Through my letter box came a bottle of the Parfum 44 and Parfum 80. 


Parfum 44 in all of its purple splendour is embodied with scents of Orris, Cedar Wood, Violet and Precious Woods. It's such a delicate and fresh smell, yet is crisp in its density and doesn't budge (even after a good few hours rummaging through more or less every item that Selfridges has to offer!). Parfum 44 was one of the first scents to be developed by Aura-Soma and you can really feel the meticulous care and passion that's gone into it. A really lovely daytime perfume that you can depend on lasting the duration. 


Parfum 80's bottle colour is representative of the aromas that await inside. In a deep red glass casing, the scent of this perfume is seriously full bodied with a lot of depth and so many different notes whizzing around such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lily, Carnation, Cinnamon, Benzoin, Rose and Vanilla. A fresh yet spicy perfume that is perfect for afternoon into evening occasions or colder winter months (I wore it to a dinner party and cocktail bar and racked up the compliments!). 


Gorgeous bottles and a spritz to carry you confidently into any social situation. I can't recommend Aura-Soma enough, so check them out for yourself!!

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Did you know that Aura-Soma purfume is part of the Positive Luxury Group?