The Luxury Skincare Brand Made From Hand

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, brands with ethics are the most alluring to me. To know that the product you are funding and introducing into your home is founded on care, love and strong ethics fills the whole experience with so much more depth and passion.


Alexandra Soveral does just that. Launched by passionate cosmetics Jori and Alexandra, the brand retails everything from candles to tea, all focused on the dermatological benefits. Always looking out for new beauty products to add to my collection, two items were kindly gifted to me by Alexandra herself; the Skin Life Support moisturiser and Flora Rain facial mist. Alex actually hand makes these products in North London, fascinating stuff eh?


The moisturiser has been designed to tackle all troubled skin types and protect against everyday troubles such as pollution. I absolutely love natural looking makeup and getting a dewy glow, but for daywear, I don’t always want to lather myself in highlighter. This moisturiser is perfect for those who want to keep glowy ad fresh faced all day and also for those with dry skin as it honestly lasts most of the day (which I put down to the huge amount of natural and organic oils in there). I put it on in the morning before applying makeup and after lunchtime, especially when I’ve been running around for meetings, I’ll reapply by mixing a tiny amount into my beauty blender with my foundation. An absolute dream!!


Face mists are a totally new thing for me, but they seem to be everywhere at the moment (and I’m obsessed!). I love spritzing me in the morning after a shower to refresh my face and wake me up. I also find that they really calm down any morning blotchiness and reduce puffy eyelids. I absolutely love using the Alexandra Soveral mist as, unlike others I’ve used, it can be used over makeup and as well as calming down and refreshing my morning skin, I apply it during the day, especially if I’m battling a busy few hours dashing in and out of the tube! With natural, organic ingredient, such a refreshing, luxury smell of orange blossom and rose, I urge anybody who’s looking for a morning boost and mid-day refresh to get your hands on this gorge mist! 



Floral Mist

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