THE Summer Fragrance - Penhaligons

My perfume shelf has never and will never be too full. That’s not a thing. Not only do perfumes make for the perfect accessory for any room, but they serve so many different purposes. From day to night, upbeat to sincere, I can proudly say that I have a scent for them all. But that doesn't, mean of course, that I’m not always in the market for a newbie.


Penhaligons is by no means a new face to perfumery. Established in 1870, they are a recognised and renowned face in the area of cosmetics, and this is one of the main reasons that I jumped at the release of their new scent ‘Savoy Steam’.


First off, the bottle. Nautical, feminine but not tacky, and oozing luxury. Mantlepiece checkpoint ticked.



Next, the less fickle analysis of the scent. This is most definitely a perfume to be added to me ‘day to evening’ category. As soon as you spritz you’re hit with the delicate yet powerful aroma of rose petals which brings with it a slight peppery smell alongside notes of fresh cut grass on a summer’s day. The mist then gives it a deeper more musky set which not only maintains the smell for most of the day, but also makes it suitable for evening events too.


I’m totally in love with this smell, and it has secured itself as my staple A/W perfume. 


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