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I have a mild obsession with hair and researching ways to grow and strengthen your hair. This all stems back to my terrible experience with my hair, so allow me to tell you my hair story...


My Hair Story

I always had thick curly hair growing up, I hated the curls so I would always straighten it however it was alwaaaaays thick even when I started getting highlights put in. When I was 18 I went to Bristol UWE University for a few months to study Criminology and hated it, I decided to splash out £700 on Scandinavian hair extensions because I had always dreamed of having long hair and I was so unhappy at Bristol I thought it would make me feel better, look better and overall be happier (boy was I wrong).

£700 poorer and the happiness lasted a pathetic two weeks before I decided Uni was not for me, I was determined to make it somewhere in life without a degree so I dropped out & went traveling (which by the way was the best thing I ever did). 6 months later I had the extensions taken out, I was left with thin, horrible dry matted hair which resulted in my only regret in life...hair extensions. Never. Again.


The Repair Process

After I had the extensions taken out I, cried, a lot. I tied my hair up and didn't go out for a while, it's crazy the confidence hair can give you because without it I felt awful, I didn't have any pictures of me taken for months. I eventually decided to invest in good hair products that would help strengthen and grow my hair back to its original state. I invested in Oils, Hair Protein Creams, Scalp Sprays, & hair masks over the coming months.


I cried a lot

The Product That Saved My Hair

One of the first things I bought and still swear by today was some Mythic Oil from L'Oreal Professionnel. This literally saved my hair... it instantly added the moisture back into it from straightening for a start. I like to apply it when my hair is damp, I find I get the best results that way and my hair blow drys much better. 

The oils are Infused with vitamin-rich avocado oil (yes I did just say avocado, DREAMY EH) and antioxidant grape seed oil, the mythic oil is suitable for all hair types and expertly tames frizz whilst delivering lightweight nourishment and mirror-like shine.


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Colour Glow Oil

Shimmering Oil

Original Oil

They also do a mask which looks amazing, try it here