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I became a Floral Street fan during the end of last year.  I wanted to create this post in order to dive deeper into my relationship with the scents. I went to the Covent Garden store and the 'floristas' talked me through the eight perfumes, what persona they embody and what they keynote in each. I’ve always been very much into my traditional floral scents and this is what I thought I’d go for this time round too. However, it was Ylang Ylang Espresso that I just had to take home with me. It’s a totally new moreish smell that I’ve never encountered before. Floral and playful but with dark, heavy notes and such an amazing, sweet coffee scent.


The Ylang Ylang Espresso persona I was told is ‘rock royalty’, ‘for the rebels and the leaders’. I have different scents I wear for various occasions and to comply or aid my feelings or attitude on a given day, so finding a brand that also plans according to this is amazing. I wear my Ylang Ylang Espresso when I need a confidence boost for a date or meeting for example, and I found myself wearing it a lot over the festive period when I needed another boost of strength to get me through the 5th day with my (amazing yet rather rambunctious) family! 

I think my next scent will be a lighter one to work with a mellower mood. Maybe London Poppy or Wonderland Peony. London Poppy almost made it into my shopping bag during my first visit as I adore the notes of Orange, Lemon and Apricot Blossom - a totally delicate and uplifting smell but it was Wonderland Peony that really stole my heart. I guess having a boss for 3 years whose favorite flower has slightly rubbed off on me! The Peony scent is wonderfully floral and feminine. I think one of the things I love about 'Floral Street' perfumes are the bottles, they look like little ornaments you can collect for your bathroom shelf, a shelf that won't 



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