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There is a common conception that teeth whitening costs thousands of pounds, in fact, nestled in the borough of Parsons Green in London there is a gorgeous little beauty salon called Blush + Blow offering everything from waxing to nails to teeth whitening for a very reasonable price.  About 6 weeks ago I visited Dr Krystyna at Blush + Blow to discuss my new teeth whitening course. I had two appointments in total, which I will explain in more detail for you below for you.


Appointment 1

The first appointment consists of an initial 'meet and greet' with Dr Krystyna, who by the way is hilarious, we hit it off straight away and she really knew her stuff. In my first appointment, we had a chat about the process you go through in order to get your teeth whitened. So the first step was for Dr Krystyna to take molds of my teeth. These teeth molds take about two weeks to make so I returned in two weeks time to collect them as well as my teeth whitening kit.


Appointment 2

The second appointment consisted of a chat through how to use the kit and the molds I had taken two weeks prior. The kit is to be used at home for two weeks at a time. You wear the molds every night (or for 4 hours a day) for two weeks. I was warned not to drink coffee, red wine or anything else that could potentially stain my teeth. Cutting coffee out was extremely difficult for me but I knew if I wanted great results I had to sacrifice my caffeine for a couple of weeks- it was also a great excuse to go on a detox!


The Results

After my two week course, my teeth looked great. I actually noticed the difference in my teeth after the second night of wearing my teeth molds. The bleach you inject into the molds doesn't have a repulsive taste either and the molds are relatively comfortable in fact I didn't even know they were there and it didn't affect my sleep. 


The Cost

Teeth whitening at Blush + Blow costs only £300, which I think is extremely reasonable, considering most places in London are in the thousands. I was really happy with my results and would 100% recommend going to see Dr Krystyna again for the treatment. The good thing about the molds is that you can keep them for life, so I would only need to get more teeth whitening product rather than pay for more molds. 


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