Where I Get My Lashes Done

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I absolutely love getting my lashes done, however in saying that I am not one of those chicks that has them done religiously. I used to go to this fab place in London but it took 3 hours and the journey was very time consuming so I stopped.

Through the wonderful world of Instagram I met Jamie, who is an excellent lash technician and owner of Flawless Me, from Buckinghamshire. We agreed to meet as I had wanted to get my lashes done anyway and thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate!

Jamie does all her lash appointments from the comfort of her beautiful home in Buckinghamshire. There are two types of lashes you can have done from Jamie, classic lashes or volume lashes. I had the classic lashes as I had seen other girls on Instagram have these and they were the most natural option, which I preferred. 

I am over the moon with the results, the appointment took exactly 1.5 hours, and as I said in my recent YouTube video the appointment was very therapeutic. There was absolutely no sign of any glue (thank goodness) as there's nothing worse than when the glue is visible on your new fake lashes! The lashes are feather weight so I could barely notice they were there.

Since having them done I have had very few fall out, only some in the night if I sleep on my face but other than that I am really happy with them!

If you want to see my lashes up close in action, check out my latest YouTube vlog here, and skip to 11.09 minutes where I speak about them in a bit more detail, that video was filmed one day after my appointment and they look amazing! Go check it out. 


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