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***Before I start I just want to state, I am by no means promoting aesthetics, this is something I wanted to do, I am 27 and I have started ‘ageing’ very slightly so I wanted to explore some aesthetics treatments to give myself a bit of a refresh. Always research who your Dr is and never just book in somewhere because you’ve ‘heard’ they are good, always do your research!**

So, as you all may or may not know I’ve had my lips done for the last few years, which I loved but I was always curious about getting filler in other places, my main concern however was that I would start to look ‘done’ so I refrained, until- I discovered Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics.

Dr Rupert has been injecting for over 7 years, I found out he is also a trained GP, which I found incredibly impressive! As soon as I walked into the clinic I felt comfortable, I really felt like Rupert knew his sh*t! He was slick, and I like slick…the appointment was seamless, he listened to my concerns, told me exactly what he thought and what he thought would suit me and I trusted him. After hearing he had been doing this for 7 years I felt like I was in good hands.

What I had done…

I had seen Viva Skin Clinics promote this ‘3D Face Refresh’ treatment on Instagram (where I find out about most treatments) and I was curious to have it done. Now, it may seem like a lot but I only had very small doses of filler and botox injected in 4 areas of my face (my nose, my jaw, my chin and some botox).

Before you ask, it was not painful- some treatments were slightly more uncomfortable than others but numbing cream was used so I did not feel much!

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Let’s start with Muscle Relaxing Injections shall we, more commonly known as ‘Botox’, I had two areas done, my forehead and my chin- my forehead had some fine lines I wanted to eliminate, I specifically asked not to be frozen so I had ‘baby botox’ which is basically a very small dose of botox so it meant I still had movement in my forehead. I had it in my chin because unfortunately I have an over active muscle in my chin that runs in the family so I wanted to relax it. The procedure takes a matter of minutes and is non-invasive. It takes about 7 days to fully kick in so results are not immediate. *Bear that in mind if you want to get it done for an event, wedding, date etc.

Chin Filler

After the botox I had filler injected into my chin (about 1ml which is one 5th of a teaspoon) I had a pointed chin shape and I wanted to fill out the indent between my chin and my bottom lip. Dr Rupert informed me it would be a bit achy for a few days after (which it was) but I had very little swelling. Infact I had no swelling from any of the treatments he gave me, which shows just how good he is!

Jaw Contouring

Next I had jaw contouring, something Dr Rupert said is one of his ‘signature treatments’ and for someone of my age, can prevent signs of ageing, he injected just above my jaw line to pull back the skin around the jaw bone, results were instead- you will see more of this in my YouTube video I filmed of it, as it’s tricky to explain exactly what he did without watching it! But it wasn’t like normal jaw filler it was slightly different.

Nose Contouring

Finally, I had a tiny amount put into my nose- now this was impressive. This wasn’t painful either. I asked if Dr Rupert could change the shape by making it more pointed and aiming it up slightly, which he managed to do- in very little time! I couldn’t stop looking at the before and after of the image (below). I was genuinely going to save up for a nose job as I wasn’t aware of this treatment until now!


All in all I was really impressed with Dr Ruperts work at Viva Skin Clinics, I recommended him to 3 other people that day, I love his work ethic, his passion to create undetectable beauty and I am over the moon with the results.

They have a few clinics around London with Chelsea being their main one. But I will leave all of their contact details below!

Instagram - @vivaskinclinics


Their Clinics-