How To Slim Your Face - Using Laser! #AD

This month, I had the pleasure of trying out fat lasering with Strawberry Laser. Strawberry Laser is the world's first laser for double chin reduction, neck lifting & tightening, facial jowl reduction and cheek contouring.  I took my boyfriend (who is 30) with me to my appointment as I was curious to see whether it would work on me. The appointment was no longer than 30 minutes and we both had instant results!

Combining class 3 lasers with Silent Ultrasound, this technology is backed by leading cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons - impressive stuff eh?

I had seen a couple of celebrities promote the lasering and I had also seen it in the Daily Mail, OK! Mag and The Sun Online to name a few so I was more than intrigued to try it out. Strawberry Lift is setting new standards in the highly competitive aesthetics and beauty sector and is fast becoming the must-have aesthetic treatment in the UK.

The procedure was quick, pain-free and very affective- the lady did say that it was more aimed at older ladies (around my mums age) however me and my bf still saw some great results!

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