How To Gain Followers On Instagram

This is by far one of the most asked questions I receive as a blogger. Blogging is now a desired career 1/3 of the country want to do, people are paying thousands to go to uni but come out and go into blogging, it's become so popular over the last ten years that it's now time to look at statistics.

 The key thing to remember here is you don't just want thousands of followers you want good quality engaged loyal followers who are going to support you, your blog and your other social channels, not just Instagram. There are several tricks I have learned over the years when it comes to gaining followers.



The key to this falls within the word 'Social' Media, the whole point of Social Media was for people to socialise, so does that not speak for it self? Comment, like and engage with your followers, your fans your friends your family, don't just sit back and relax, the followers will not just come rolling in, you are not Beyonce...  

Post Consistently  

Post every day if not twice a day, if you are on YouTube post at least twice a week on the same day, you need to stay loyal to your followers. Imagine if 90210 started uploading inconsistently and sometimes never? You'd sack it off right..see where I'm going with this?


Use hashtags, for every post, but change them up per post. I learned this recently when someone told me about 'shadow banning'. Shadow Banning, is when Instagram bans your image from being searched via hashtags because you have been posting the same hashtags on your photos so Instagram may think you are a spam account. To avoid but 'Shadow Banned' change up your hashtags!

Comment Pods

If you don't want to manually comment people or don't have time, don't shy away from joining a comment pod, this is where a group of people come together and make a group on DM, every day each person sends the image to the group, from there all the people in the DM group will comment something on the image, this will help increase engagement, and you will probably have more of a chance of appearing on the explore page.

Increase Your SEO 

Increase your SEO on Google by ensuring you have links in your website, if you rank higher on Google people might be more enticed to click on your blog and find your Instagram, everything is linked now a days. Having a good SEO ensures your traffic is higher and that you rank higher on Google!

Tag Your OOTD

Always tag brands on your images, without tagging the brands you risk not being 'regrammed'. The word 'regrammed' means when a brand likes your image of their brand so they post it on their Instagram (duh). I always tag everything I am wearing for every image, I also tag Fashion, Beauty & Travel inspiration accounts aswell. 


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