Le 90's Bomber Jacket

So I discovered this beaut of a jacket at work, it was a vintage piece bought in for development, I was eyeing it up for weeks, and finally gave it a home. the 90's floral diamond print on it caught my eye instantly and it quickly became my next favourite piece in my wardrobe (along side my vintage embellished bomber jacket from


 I posted months ago on my blog when I first started, go have a look!). I paired the jacket with my 


 powder blue midi skirt, if you haven't heard of Minkpink please go check them  out they have some amazing stuff! and are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands (I'm looking to post about my favourite brands soon and where I shop so keep posted) . As we settle into Spring Summer 14 I think were going to be seeing a lot  of feminine shapes, i.e midi skirts, florals, lace, white fabrics and 90's influences so I'm slowly filling out my wardrobe with Midi dresses/skirts for when the sun comes out to play. The pointed heels, although delicate complete the outfit, and I'm not ashamed to admit they were a 


 buy for £10, a black pair of heels always travels a long way in a womans life. The Lace Brallet was from Urban Outfitters, years back, but they still do some beautiful lingerie pieces and brallets so have a look on the website for more.

Bomber Jacket- Vintage piece


Urban Outfitters

Midi Skirt-





Enjoy x