Le Blanc

After reviewing a few shows that went on for London Fashion week SS14 it was obvious White was going to be the color of the season. however it was only up until last week when I walked into  


 in Oxford Circus did I notice the color more than ever when I was welcomed with a white blanket of clothes. From shoes to coats to handbags the whole down stairs floor in


had a cleansing feel to it, and it was only then I realised how much I never wore it. I think people are afraid of the color white, for the obvious reasons, but if your careful about how you wear it and where you wear it.. it can really work in your favor.

Dior (above) portrayed an impressive amount of white on the catwalk, merging the sports trend successfully. Masculine shapes were seen alot on the models, creating a more dominant shape for woman in general.

 White shoes- came to a surprise to us all, as I had never really of thought to go out and buy a pair of white shoes or sandals, however Stella McCartney changed this. Its actually taken retailers surprisingly long to catch up with this love for the white chunky brogue that Stella so kindly introduced us too. As you may have seen on my wish list (tab at the top of the page) these are new to my bucket list. I've seen plenty of copies but none stolen my heart like these did.

While I was in  


 I stumbled across an amazing long white blazer jacket for £75 and although steep in price, the first time I wore it to work I had about 7 commuters ask me where it was from it was a head turner for sure. I will feature this coat in my next blog post (but unfortunately its sold out!). Another way to incorporate white into your outfit is to wear white a pair of white socks with sandals, however frowned upon over the years this look has been, its now proving quiet popular. So there you have it, the only color not found in the rainbow, and everyone seems to be yearning for it. Enjoy x