Le Vintage Craze

Vintage this Vintage that..but how much of what we actually buy is a one of a kind? I'm a firm believer in finding true vintage pieces by going for a good rummage in a dingy basement in Brick Lane, however companies such as ASOS now do their own 'reclaimed/renewal' ranges, where the buyers source out classic vintage pieces from around the world and copy them to make multiple copies, and although I still enjoy the range and still buy it, I think its much more rewarding going into a vintage store yourself and find a good bargain, the whole fun of vintage shopping is to haggle the price down to next to nothing anyway! I was Vintage shopping recently and discovered one of my favourite dresses I paid £40 for online but found it in a Vintage shop in London, the cut and pattern was identical and the retailer (who shall not be mentioned!) had simply copied the dress and sold it online for full price, and to my dismay it was only £10 in the shop I found it in, I felt deceived but hey life goes on eh.

So to contradict myself, I purchased a Vintage reclaimed crop top from ASOS not so long ago and was unsure how to wear it, I paired it with my Mesh dress from Urban, my chunky boot from TK Maxx and a simple red leather cross bag,

 Yours Sincerely .. x

Crop Top-

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage

 its on sale for £10 go check it out by clicking on the link


TK Maxx

Dress- Take a wild guess?

Bag- Vintage