Le Suede Skirt- My LBD Alternative

This look would be the perfect outfit for brunching with friends, the jumper although looks heavy is nice and light yet still keeps you warm, I wear it off the shoulder but you can wear it however it suits you. H&M have really surprised me this year, I use to only go in there for basics but they've really outdone themselves, I now always go in for a browse and always come out poorer (shock). This beautiful suede skirt is from the king that is ASOS, sticking with the seventies trend but twisting it slightly so I don't look totally 'hippy-fied'. This black skirt is my equivalent to having an LBD, it goes with everything in my wardrobe, they also do a beige one so i'm waiting on pay day before I make myself poor again. The shoes are my pointed leathers I put on my Instagram account you may have seen, again from ASOS. Earlier this week I went into Primark for some bits and to put it lightly had a trolley dash which brings me to introduce the lovely sunglasses I am wearing, again incorporating the 70's chic (always).  Happy Hump Day!

Peace and Love x