Scarves And Stiches

Two posts in one weekend - spoiled is an understatement! I love this outfit, I feel like each piece marries one another. So let me tell you the tale of how it came to be... I got the chain belt from Zara about 2 years ago, it's so popular that they tend to buy into it every season, and thank god as it's saved me on quiet a few occasions. I wore the chain belt with my dress, the star of the show, which is actually an old vintage scarf stitched together. I know, crazy right! Who by? I hear you ask. Who other than Urban Outfitters (Vintage renewal). I follow Millie Mac on just about every social media platform and was dying to find some similar suede knee highs, so off I went on mission 'Knee Highs'. Aldo, of course, won. They slipped on like they were made for my feet, I must of walked around in them in store for about ten minutes before buying them. Waterfall jackets became a popular trend this season, this one is from Zara, it's perfect for spring and very lightweight. It also drapes on the body nicely and who doesn't love a good drape! I love when you find your 'go to' item for the season, and this jacket is most definitely mine. 

Jacket- Zara
Boots- Aldo
Belt- Zara

Photographer Credit- Iona Macleod