Ready Set Glow! - Wish list

So as Summer creeps in, Ive started to collate a few cult products that I feel would slot nicely into my beauty routine.  The art of make-up can only be perfected (in my eyes) with true skin preparation, have you ever noticed the difference when you cleanse, tone and moisturise before applying primer/foundation to your skin - dreamy. So first up..

The only thing I can describe this as, is that its a toothbrush for your face. I use this by cleansing my face first with warm water, and then adding my cleanser onto my face and then slowly working the Magnitone around my face, the device uses pulsations there are 2 settings one for deep cleaning which I use and one for sensitive mode which is good and makes the product versatile. The device  I use is the the 'Lucid' Magnitone which is made by Pixie Lott. The devise is advertised to improve your skin in 7 days giving you softer, clearer, brighter skin and to be honest I couldn't agree more, my skin loves it. Its easy, quick and effective and it only retails at £69.99 which is extremely reasonable. Another reason why I love the Magnitone is that I can use it in the shower in the morning and its wireless so I can travel it!

To buy one now, click here!

If you haven't checked out Illamasqua already- go now. I was introduced to the brand by my lovely friend who is a make-up artist. We were wondering around the bottom floor of Selfridges in London when I suddenly became a kid in a candy store after discovering the brand. It just so happened that day that I was stalking Millie Mac and wanted to buy some products to make me 'glow'. I was recommended this Sculpting Powder, and I was blown away. There are two sections, one for creating shadows and one for highlighting the cheek bones. I like to try before I buy, which is exactly what I did and it was an instant purchase. I think this will be a permanent product in my make-up bag going forward, I can't live without it!

Estee Lauder hands down has the best eye make-up remover. I have to be honest, my least favourite part about make up is having to remove it, this product makes it quick and easy. I discovered this when I was about 14 and my friends mum let us use hers to take our make-up off whenever we had a sleep over! It removes long wearing make-up and leaves your skin feeling amazing. It contains Aloe Vera which helps calms and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and supple. 

Nars and me have had a long loyal relationship, since my days at working in Space NK. This Illuminator is the dream. The best thing about this product is that is soo versatile, you can mix it into your foundation to give yourself that glow for summer or you can use it as a cheek bone highlighter, OR you can even use it on your collar bones/shoulders when you go to festivals.