St Tropez Gradual Tan Body Wash- does it really work?

I was reading the latest beauty edition of 'Style Magazine' and came across an advertisement for this St Tropez 'body wash' and I have to say I was instantly infatuated with the idea of have a body wash that can gradually tan you over time?! What girl doesn't love a bit of a tan? Especially during the Summer months. St Tropez has been my bread and butter for years now, I have veered off the beaten path to other brands for that desired glow but none have ever come close to St Tropez. The gradual tan they do is not only moisturising but nourishing at the same time and of course after a weeks use, you really start to see the results. So off I went to boots and of course there was a deal on 'buy one get one half price' so I bought the new body wash and my gradual tan, because of course you'd assume they go hand in hand right? correct. The two products really do marry each other, and although the wash takes a while before you see results it really enhances the gradual moisturiser. So how do you use it? Its simple, exfoliate at the start of the week once, then lather yourself in the product once wet, wait 3 minutes and rinse. Now, you might be wondering what can you do in 3 minutes, I usually put a hair or face mask so that I am doing something productive while I wait for the tan to activate. The bottle advises you to 'pat yourself dry' to save you wiping away any product which will start to be gradually activating now, slap on your gradual tan moisturiser and your good to go. You should start to see results in a week, so my answer to your question is- yes it does really work!