3 Things You Need In Your Life

Having worked in Space NK when I was younger I have built up a great knowledge of products in the skincare world. I think as you get older its a trial and error game while you try to get to know your skin type and what it likes and what it doesn't. They say your hair changes every 7 years, and to be be honest I believe your skin does too. I always love trying new products out to see if 'they do what they say they do on the tin'. 

Cleanse, tone, moisturise repeat. I have always stuck by this unwritten law of beauty, and to be honest it has never let me down. 


Eve Lom £42

At the moment I cleanse my skin every day with Eve Lom Balm Cleanser (as seen in vogue). It comes with a cloth which is useful, it has multiple oils in it which is great for dry skin, and extremely soothing, especially with the Winter months coming up.  I also find oil based cleansers to be the best because they take off makeup the best, mascara is always an ache to get off, but not with this cleanser!


Nars Toner £23

I never really use to see the point in toners if I'm honest but after speaking to beauty experts/Make-Up Artists over the years and reading beauty articles I have finally come to the realisation that a toner is definitely a crucial member of the team when it comes to skincare, so don't brush it under the rug! It contains a gentle exfoliator and has hydrating properties within it which my skin loves.


Chantecaille Flower Harmonising Cream £88

This Beauty is my god send. I discovered Chantecaille when I was younger, my Mum has always used Chantecaille so I grew up around it but could never afford it. Now I work full time it is a luxury to be able to use their products, it also reminds me of my Mum. The cream should really say 'Magic' on the jar, because it is truly amazing. It reduces redness, it nourishes and hydrates skin while locking in moisture and can be used as a night cream. I simply cannot live without it. I also love using there Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliator once a week.