The True Key To Happiness

If 2015 has taught me anything its do what makes you happy, one of my good friends recently told me she attended a lecture at her work, about true happiness and how it can be achieved. I was totally fascinated when she told me, that in order to maintain a healthy happy life you have to choose 5 things that make you happy (this could be as simple as going for a coffee with a friend) once you've chosen you have to make sure you do all of them at least once a week. Now, you might think 5? Thats quiet a commitment, but to be honest if it ensures your happy it's worth it. So in order to test this theory, I decided to try it out.

My chosen 5 things were,

1. Going for breakfast on the weekend (you may have noticed a few guilty eggs benedict pics on my instagram)

2. Going out with my girlfriends on the weekend

3. Going to my favourite coffee shop and indulging in a cappuccino and a cake

4. Eating Healthy in the week

5. Going to the gym

I can confidently confirm that the theory worked. I was more focussed at work, I was sleeping better, and overall had a more positive outlook on life.  You can switch different activities in and out of your routine so you that have variance. It didn't feel like a 'commitment' as such because it was 5 things I really enjoyed doing. I think its good for the soul to be pro-active, your happiness really depends on how much you want to be happy, plan your weekends, see your friends and do what makes you happy , you are in control after all..its your life. As much as its a struggle some days, going to the gym is so good not only physically but mentally it helps me focus and most importantly sleep, which over all helps me to function.

So there you have it, the key to happiness eternally isn't money, how many friends you have or what job you have, its all about you and the choices you make, so choose wisely.