Bringing Sixties Back


I am wearing;

Dress- Zara

Knee high boots- Aldo

Rings- Gallard Oblaine

The Sixties - an era my parents grew up in, and certainly a decade I wish I had experienced. The sixties were when The Beatles were born, the world was full of long haired hippies and beards. It was almost like the people who were living during the 1950's coiled up like a tight spring and then suddenly exploded during the 60's which introduced a different type of fashion community, hippies!  People felt more free and liberated and this reflected on there personal style, festivals such as Glastonbury & Woodstock attracted young free spirits floating around absorbing the music around them. The sixties have been making a huge come back on the catwalks, and this makes my heart warm. Knee high boots, short boxy dresses, bohemian floaty tops and head bands, the sixties are definitely making a come back and it doesn't look like its going to be making a swift exit anytime soon.  Edie Sedgwick and Cher were definitely some of the more influential woman during that time, its woman like these that I gravitate towards for outfit inspiration, them girls know how to dress. So here you have it my 60's inspired outfit, courtesy of Zara. Me & my photographer Iona thought it would be nice to mix things up a bit and add a vintage filter to this 60's blog post incase your wondering, Enjoy!

60' Style Icons;

Edie Sedgwick-



Audrey Hepburn-