Dazzling In Denim



What am I wearing;

Top-Urban Outfitters

Jeans- Waven

Shoes- TK Maxx

This weekend I had my two favourite people down from Manchester, Evie and Sasha. I met these two northern gems while I was studying Fashion a few years ago. Back then I didn't know who I was, and to an extent I still don't but at least I have a better idea. I remember frog marching into my first lecture at The Fashion Retail Academy feeling 100% confident with what I was wearing, I quickly realised how much I had to learn about styling an outfit up. But, like everything in life practise makes perfect, and it takes a while to know your own body and know what you suit and  what to avoid wearing. I also cared to much what people use to think, which put a cap on my style, these days things are different. Keep watching this space to see my shoot with Free People!