Wishful Thinking..NYE



Wow, what an amazing year it has been! This year has been full of challenges for me, there have been extreme highs which came with extreme lows, its probably been the year I have learnt the most about myself. After a year of neglecting my blog due to work commitments in 2013 I picked up where I left off this year and to be honest its been the best thing I ever did, this blog brings me so much joy, the shoots, the relationships I have made, the places I've visited and most importantly it's brought me and my photographer/best friend Iona closer than ever. A friend once told me that a blog is like a plant the more light, love and water you give it the more it flourishes, and it's so true!

 I have a lot of fun things planned for 2016 so keep following me to see, I am also very excited to announce that I will be 'vlogging' in the new year (so keep your eyes peeled for that!).  Click the link below to read the full Free People blog post and find out what my NYE traditions are.

Click here for the full Free People blog post

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Happy New Year!

and I'll see you in 2016

Lots of Love

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