Plenish 3 Day Juice Cleanse- Does It Work?


s we delve deep into January everyone is on the

fitness movement

in London, everyones dieting the gyms are heaving and it's suddenly become a seasonal trend to get fit and turn green after the sins we made over Christmas, (by this I mean eating everything in sight).

I decided to do a 3 day Juice Cleanse, despite my friends/family doubting I could do it judging by my love for food, I accepted the challenge. I decided to keep a diary during my experience to capture every moment wether it be a struggle or not to give the best review I could.

The cleanse is simple, it's lasts

3 days

and you drink

6 juices per day

, easy right..? My Plenish Cleanse box arrived on Tuesday, the box contained 18 bottles, each bottle was carefully wrapped and had a numbered sticker on the cap so you new what order to drink them in. I packed them in the fridge and off I went!

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Juice Diary

Juice 1

was called 'Lift' this contained pear, cucumber, romaine, spinach, kale, basil, broccoli I was pleasantly surprised when I cracked open the bottle, to find a refreshing organic green extremely flavoursome healthy juice. The bottle was actually a struggle to drink in one so I drunk it over the course of 30 minutes, which meant I stayed fuller for longer.


Juice 2

was called 'Calm' which was an explosion of sweet fruits such as pineapple, mint, apple and aloe vera, this was a perfect 'pick me up' just before midday because I was feeling a little tired.


Juice 3

was called 'boost' which was spinach, kale, parsley, romaine, cucumber, pear, lemon, ginger I have to admit this was the most challenging part of the day. My body clock was telling me to eat but I was desperately drinking herbal teas and water to fill myself up. I didn't expect the cleanse to be easy but I really struggled at this point I was so tempted to go and grab a flapjack from pret- nevertheless....I refrained (I promise).


Juice 4

I survived. My body clock finally adjusted to the new regime, wether it liked it or not. The urge to eat solid food stopped and I actually started looking forward to the next juice. I think the most interesting part about the cleanse were the numbered stickers on the bottles which actually were in sync with what I was craving at that exact moment. However..then I discovered juice 4 which was a slight


to the system. It has lemon, lime, coconut nectar filtered water and wait for it..RED CHILLI in it! I tried drinking it in big gulps to flush it down asap, the taste was actually quiet nice but it was the aggressive spicy after taste that wasn't. As I was drinking it I keep telling myself it will help speed up my metabolism because spicy food has a reputation for that, no?!

7pm Juice 5

was a refreshing beetroot and cherry number, I actually don't like beetroot but this tasted quiet pleasant. I was content at this point in the day and did not crave food, I was ensuring I drank lots of water!

9pm Juice 6

was my favourite! If theres one thing I love it's dates so I was really looking forward to this one, especially as it was more like a milkshake so It was nice to have a sweet treat in the evening.


The detox was great, I do feel recharged after doing it, each juice has so many nutrients, fruit and veg packed into each bottle that I new I was only doing positive things for my body. The biggest struggle I found was cutting out caffeine, because like any blogger I am addicted to coffee!! I hadn't tried Plenish Juices before this cleanse but I definitely want to incorporate them into my weekly or even daily eating regime because they are so good for you!

So the real question is- can you master the juice cleanse?

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