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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently, the last few weeks have been a little hectic! I found this goooooooorgg dress on ASOS, it's slightly too cold to wear it just yet, but at least we know ASOS have some good Summer attire for us to divulge in this season right?

 I know you might think I'm over killing these boots at the minute, but they are just ridiculously comfy and go with everything whether its Winter or Spring they have been a great asset to my wardrobe.. a real team player.. as some would say. I don't know about any of you but I go through stages of hating my wardrobe (this happens every 6 months or so) but in reality all I have to do is organise everything into categories and slot in what's missing.

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On one of my most recent instagram (@lefashionfetish) posts I stated how much I don't like 'capsule wardrobes' and I stand by my word. I agree we should all have some good quality basics but I am loyal preacher of statement pieces, I treasure them in my wardrobe like they were gold. An authentic true vintage statement piece is usually very rare to find, so hold on tight to your findings! They will come in use one day.

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Shoes- Aldo

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