Let Your Jacket Do The Talking..

I've been working with a brand recently who, for a while, have been lying low (in my opinion anyway). If we go back to when I was 15 I was obsessed with Jack Wills, Abercrombie & Superdry, as I got older the obsession faded and I started investing in clothes more suited to my age.

That being said...

If you have been following my Instagram for a while you may have seen that I was invited to the most recent Superdry AW16 Press Day where I was swept off my feet with the new range. Superdry had certainly given themselves a facelift and done their homework for the season, some of the bits looked like they were 'All Saints' and the brand really made a come back in my eyes.

Believe it or not this whole outfit (apart from the shoes) is from the Superdry AW16 range! It's very good quality, and the suede jacket is stunning. I think the art of blogging sometimes, especially on Instagram, is that I can wear whatever brand I want but the follower doesn't know until they tap the image and the brands pop up what I am wearing. I find it fascinating when you haven't a clue who the brand is, blogger 'Emma Hill'  has mastered this technique. She makes everything seem luxurious, but when you tap the screen brands like Primark pop up! haha.


Jacket- Superdry 

Shirt- Superdry


Shoes- H&M