Winter Chic

I think you can always tell if someone has a great sense of style if they still manage to look good in the Winter. Summer is easy, a dress and sandals go a long way however in Winter you have to take more time and thought in, in order to execute a successful, comfortable and warm outfit. Living in London is difficult because the tube is so hot sometimes. You need to be able to remove layers of clothing instantly if you are in a 'fluster' and with the speed we walk in London, I think it's fair to say 'flusters' are a frequent occurrence in our day to day lives!

That being said I decided to piece together my ideal Winter outfit, this would be the type of outfit I would typically wear mid week after work to see the girls for a glass of vino, casual but chic...and warm! Warmth is key! 

I think my favourite part about this outfit would have to be my new Radley leather bag, it's small and discreet but wickedly spacious, I usually carry a tote around because I always have so much stuff but the sturdy leather exterior ensures the bag does not collapse so there is always room, it also makes it easy to find your keys and phone! Haha. The bag has two handles which is great, one long and one short which are easily interchangeable. As you may have read in my previous Lifestyle post I spoke about treating yourself, and what better treat for yourself than giving yourself a handbag?! Go on..


Bag- Radley 

Jumper- Label Online 

Jeans- Label Online

Shoes- Label Online