Monochrome Mondays // Mint Velvet

I recently fell in love with a brand I've known for years but I've only ever occasionally treated myself when I was at uni (shout out to all the poor students out there!). The shoes I am wearing in this shoot are from Mint Velvet, retailed at around £60 I believe I snatched a bargain.

Like I have mentioned before in my previous posts I have started to veer off the beaten path and start shopping in more niche brands to focus on the quality of my buys (oh god I'm starting to sound old!). It's true however, as you get older you start to focus on qaulity over quantity, this doesn't just go for clothes, this goes for friendships, restaurants, partners etc which is why I have started to buy fewer pieces each month but of a higher quality- they last longer, they look better and in the end your penny goes further because you gain more wear from them.  


Shoes- Mint Velvet

Jeans- French Connection 

Top- Reiss (similar here)

Sunglasses- ALDO