Sample Sales & How To Be The First To Know About Them!

So as a typical Fashion Blogger, I always shop from the 'new in' section when I am online shopping, it's actually become a bit of a bad habit of mine which I'm working on! That being said, there are some great pieces to be found in the normal categories, these may contain some older pieces which may even end up being a vital part of your next festival outfit! 

I had heard through the grape vine about an All Saints sample sale a couple of months ago, so I decided to venture down into the depths of Shoreditch on a hot Summers day to have a look. This iridescent skirt only cost me £35, I was absolutely thrilled! Following this sample sale, I went to a Riess one too which I snatched loads of great bargains at. 

So if you've never been to a sample sale make sure you find out when the next one is. Click here to see when the sample sales are in London.  

Skirt- All Saints (sample sale)

Shoes- Adidas

Top- Topshop

Necklace- Topshop