Quality Clothes That Don't Cost The Earth // Mint Velvet

Photography - Amelia Allen

I'll be honest, I used to only look at suede jackets in All Saints. I fully put my hands up and admit that I was officially a suede snob for many years, Topshop leathers just don't do it for me anymore and let's be honest once you try the good sh*t it's hard to turn back. 

I've been working with a brand recently that I know well from growing up and from watching my Mum wear it throughout the years.  A lot of the things I blog about stem from something I've seen my Mother wear or use. I actually think it's a beautiful connection between a brand and the customer when you can invest in products that you've seen on your own Mum. I know my Mum would never buy anything unless it was of a high quality, so I trust her choices! (ha ha)

The suede jacket I am wearing in these shots is £259. Now this might sound like a lot to you, but if you think about all of the cheap jackets you've purchased from high street brands that have fallen apart after a few wears, £259 is an investment worth making and you can wear it for the next 5 years (providing you wash it with good care!). I know I've been preaching about the quality of clothes you buy in my recent posts, however I want to state that I am by no means advising you don't incorporate lower price point garments into your investments. In fact, I am trying to encourage it! The pieces I think are worthwhile investing in at the minute are jackets and shoes; they build a great foundation for your wardrobe and can enhance older pieces in the depths of your draws that you might have neglected or wanted to recycle! If there's anything I've learnt it's not to chuck away your clothes, store them in boxes and pull them back out next season- you'd be surprised at the trends that come back around!

100% Suede Jacket -Mint Velvet 

Skirt-Mint Velvet 

Top- Riess

Shoes- Adidas