Can You Rock The Granny Shoe?

As a Fashion Blogger, I am continuously under pressure to spot the latest fashion trends and hopefully, show them off on my blog for you to shop. However, sometimes there are trends that might not suit me or that I am sceptical about..that being said there's one trend I time after time brush under the rug. I'm like a child who refuses to eat broccoli even though I've never tried it. 

Grannie Shoes, now you might be wondering what the hell are these!? These, my friend, are your new partner in crime. I fell in love with Channels black toe, beige court shoe in Spring after seeing it on a few fellow bloggers pages, and have been seeking a perfect dupe ever since, that being said Zara provided me with the best dupes a blogger ever saw. I've collated some of my favourite 'granny shoes' on the market right now, don't be shy.. celebrities such as Alexa Chung (aka the Queen of fashion) have been wearing granny shoes for seasons now, if anything, we are catching up on lost time. 

Shoes from left to right;

Zara Granny Shoe £39.99

Topshop pink mule £79

ASOS Mule -£42