The Fuss Free Work Outfit For A City Girl

Photography- Amelia Allen

Working in one of the world's largest cities is challenging at times when it comes to Fashion and picking out the perfect outfit. I'm forever looking for easy 'throw on's' in the morning, especially when you spend majority of your time on the tube travelling between busy London boroughs, it's important to ensure your outfit fits into your lifestyle/day.

If there's one thing I need to teach myself it's to look at the weather in the morning on my iPhone before work to gauge how hot/cold/rainy it's going to be, this can have a huge affect on your day if you are dressed incorrectly...I don't know about you but it can really affect my mood if I'm wearing open toe sandals and the heavens open and it starts to rain!

If there're two things I've really invested into this season, it's stripes and whites. I think that both are very generic and compliment the wardrobe with ease. I've been analysing my wardrobe recently and feel like it needs an injection of fresh neutral colours to go with all my crazy bohemian prints I have collected over the years. 

As a self-confessed 'comfort seeker' I like the easy option for work, a dress and shirt in Summer is  all I need- fuss free.

I am wearing;

Dorothy Perkins



Clutch Bag

Stripe Shirt