Fun Things To Do During LFW between shows! // Soho

Art Exhibitions - Mariane Goodman

Want to spice to up your instagram? Visit the beautiful art exhibition by Mariane Goodman Gallery in Soho for a stunning display of man made art. 


Afternoon Tea? Liberty Cafe

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Head to the liberty cafe on Carnaby Street for a sweet suprise, 2nd floor..thank me later. 



Craving a beer? Kua 'Aina - 26 Fouberts Place

If you are up for a dirty burger and a cocktail make sure you stop by Kua 'Aina for a Hawaiian feast. They also serve Hawaiian beer for those with an exotic tongue. 




Cocktails in a secret location? The Experimental Cocktail Club

If you're up for a fun adventure, venture off to Soho's exclusive Experimental Cocktail Club, the interior will blow you away. You need a pass code to get in so ring to book your table before to ensure they're no hiccups. The bar is hidden deep within China Town so keep your eyes peeled!

Vintage Shopping? - Beyond Retro

Vintage shopping, is always a good idea. However, I have to be in certain mood to do it. PATIENCE is key- when you finally find something it's like you've found the burried gold, so if your mooching past Beyond Retro in Soho have a waltz around!