The Modern Trainer Brand That is Taking London By Storm...

If Apple were to create a shoe range...they would look like these shoes. What a shame Axel Arrigato beat them to it eh (ha ha). The shoes are ultra modern, slick and made exquisitely by HAND. Not to mention the impeccable marketing campaigns, social media strategy and exclusivity of the brand. Axel Arrigato have just launched their first stand-alone store in Soho, London.

Keeping to their renowned standards of exclusivity, I was astonished to find there was no 'About' tab on the website or a very brief one at that. In fact, it urged me to delve deep into the depths of google to find out who is making these unique shoes. 

About Axel Arrigato

In short, they have nailed the modern day shoe, inspired by 'the belief that shoes are the most modern mean of self expression'. The Swedish brand is forever evolving, keeping up with the latest catwalk trends and converting them into wearable modern day footwear. The brand also sells shoes for men and woman.

Where can you buy them?

Harvey Nichols in store and online or the Axel Arrigato website

Whats the damage?

The shoes range between £125 to £200 but boy are they worth your buck. My laceless trainers arrived last week, in a premium shoe box with a duster bag and a pair of chopsticks- edgy...right? The quality of these shoes are undeniable.

Where is the London store?

On Broadwick Street, in Soho.

Latest drop?

These bad boys..