3 Ways Too Update Your Wardrobe For Autumn

Building your wardrobe can be a slow process, especially when it seems every time I feel like you've finally nailed it, the season's change and every current wardrobe favourite suddenly seems irrelevant. Like those gorgeous Zara sandals I bought in May...irrelevant...that silky pink shirt I bought in June..useless...that gorgeous bikini I bought for Marbs...need I say more?

So, to save you ladies the hassle of panic buying during 'trans-season' I have put together some Autumn essentials you should be adding to the top of your shopping list. Remember preparation is key. 

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are my absolute essential in Autumn. I ALWAYS invest in a pair of ALDO knee highs. The main reason why I love it? I can get away with no tights and throw on a comfy jumper dress jusr like blogger @noholita (below) get investing!

Slouchy Jumpers

Slouchy jumpers are a must, the temperature is still warm-(ish!) but not enough to wear your Summer Topshop Boutique tanks, I'm telling ya. I usually buy about 3 and rotate during Autumn before buying a couple of heavy knits for the Winter months when it's actually time to wrap up. 

Velvet Vibes

Yep, we saw it coming back in Feb on the catwalks. Whether you like it or not, velvet is in my friend and it's not going anywhere fast. If you're feeling adventurous..why not buy a velvet suit like blogger @lisa.olssons ? (below).



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