3 Lessons I Learnt From 2016

2016 in general, was a very average year for me.. but that doesn't by any means mean, that I didn't learn a lot! You learn and grow from just about everything in life whether that be friendships, jobs, relationships or experiences, (especially bad ones, because as natural human beings we want to prevent ourselves from getting hurt). learning from these failures will build your character and eventually make you an over all stronger person, so don't let them knock your confidence. There is a famous saying I saw the other day on Snapchat that really struck a chord with me, it said 'Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep' by Scott Adams. With all that being said I've decided to rally up the three most valuable lessons I personally learnt from 2016, and I think you should do the same! Write them down and frame them if you wish, I think I might.


Love Yourself First

I actually use to yawn when people used to tell me this, but it is so true. Loving yourself should be your first thing on your to do list, if I could speak to my teenage self I'd definitely advise her to get her sh*t together first before worrying about anything else..or anyone else. Join the gym, invest in a good fake tan and go and get a massage..you deserve it after all. Loving yourself will be probably one of the most important lessons learnt in your twenties.


Don't Invest In 'Dead End' Friendships

I think this is one of the hardest lessons I've learnt in 2016. There have been multiple occasions where I have reached out to 'friends' and there is little or no response back, what is the point investing your energy into someone who doesn't care to do the same for you? Cut your losses and move on, life is too short. Only invest in valuable friendships where you give as much as you get, loyalty is key.


Invest In good Jewellery

How many times have you spent your hard earned cash in Zara or Topshop on beautiful jewellery and days later your fingers go green from the cheap metal? Don't bother! Metal coatings or 100% real gold or silver is definitely the way forward, it will last you much longer than cheap jewellery and is less likely to break! You are also in your prime so you should be building a timeless wardrobe that you are proud of!  Shop here to see the jewellery I am wearing in the images above. If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I have started wearing rose gold jewellery. The Jewellery Box do some gorgeous rose gold rings, necklaces bracelets and earings and many more so be sure to check them! 


Pendant Necklace - The Jewellery Box

Circular Necklace - The Jewellery Box


This blog post was written in collaboration with JewelleryBox, but all views are my own.

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