Afternoon Tea With Lulu Guinness


Hi guys, happy Saturday, I hope you've been having the best weeks! I've been super busy this month with over 10 events! No wonder I'm shattered. The other week I met with the brand Lulu Guinness for Afternoon Tea at The Mondrian Hotel, a quirky little hideaway next to the OXO Tower on the Thames in London. I have to say the hotel, was a bloggers dream, every corner was well lit and extremely photogenic, it was pure eye candy, to say the least.

Lulu Guinness invited me and several lovely bloggers & influencers for an afternoon of tea, cake and all things Lulu at The Dandelyan Bar inside The Mondrian London Hotel. I will be honest I am not that familiar with the brand but when my own mother jumped up and yelped at excitement when I told her I was going to meet the brand that gave me an indication the brand has been around for a long time- I like when brands have a bit of heritage, it's like finding a diamond in the rut. 


About Lulu Guinness 

Lulu Guinness was founded in 1989, just 3 years before I was born! The initial idea was the concept of a female briefcase, I sensed woman empowerment when I read this & instantly liked it.  When a brand has been around nearly 30 years I usually assume some huge corporation has bought it out i.e Arcadia or LVMH, but I was extremely pleased to find out that Lulu is still involved with her brand since the day she founded it. I sussed this out when I complimented one of the PR girls jackets and she told me she 'rang lulu' to tell her how much she loved the jacket and that it should be signed off for the next seasons' collection. The fact that she even had her number in her phone warmed my heart, I have worked for some huge Fashion brands in the past during my career in buying and none of them had the privilege of even having a relationship with the owner or even meeting them! I was astonished and very pleasantly surprised. 





What is the AW17 collection saying?

One of the first things I did when I arrived was complimented the waitress on her GORGEOUS red dress, she then told me it was from Lulu Guinness and they were wearing for the purpose of the event (duh) ha ha ... moving on Anna. After we chowed down on some cake I browsed the AW17 collection, I love the signature red they use throughout the collection and of course the gorgeous red dress that was seen worn by the waitress (check it out in the image below). My favourite piece of the whole of their AW17 collection if definitely their Ruthie Boot. and if you want to check out the trailer for the AW17 collection watch the video below! 



Want to know more about Lulu herself?

Watch this..