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It's funny, every year I seem to close the year with a Free People blog post, remember my NYE post from last year? Cute eh. This time of year always causes me to reflect on the year I've had, I've read a lot this year, especially 'mindful' books such as 'The Secret' sequels and 'The Power Of Me'  and  if I'm honest the biggest thing I took away from reading these types of books is to learn from from my mistakes. So, to kick off next year in good spirit I have dedicated this blog post to my future self, which you can hopefully take away with you and maybe apply to your own life. Here goes..


1. Don't Give Yourself Such A Hard Time, You're Doing Just Fine. 

It was only until I watched 'In The Frows' recent vlog on YouTube that I realised I wasn't alone with this. I am so busy with blog stuff all the time and continue to work with such incredible brands that the hard work can sometimes be forgotten about once one project is over and I am onto the next. My advise for myself next year when I have one of those days would be to sit down and write a list of everything I have achieved that year so far and be grateful for how far I have come with the blog.


2. Ignore The Haters- Let Them Be Your Biggest Motivators.

I've been quiet lucky in the sense that since I have started my blog I have received very minimal hate online. However there have been a couple of times this year on both Instagram and YouTube where I have had to stomach some nasty comments. Watching other vloggers and bloggers speak out about this issue has really helped me feel a lot better about it and just learn to ignore it, but I understand with growth can come criticism so I need to learn to take on board the constructive criticism and block out the 'trolls'.  


3. Don't Allow Set Backs To Deflate You.

As a blogger, I get offered a lot of exciting projects however sometimes these don't always follow through (other bloggers, if you're reading this- I hope you can sympathize). I think this is because I am so passionate about what I do, if I get offered a campaign by a brand, by the next day I've already planned everything in my head and probably ordered clothes for the shoot (ha ha). I need to learn to pick myself back up & overcome hurdles better and more constructively. 


4. Let Your Hair Down Girl!

This year in particular, I have slowed down on the boozy nights out and focussed a lot on my career. I can even remember some months earlier this year where I didn't allow myself a night out or drinks with the girls due to work commitments and basically gave myself cabin fever. I love blogging so much that it can easily take over your social life, even though it's a social industry, you need to make more time for friends and family and live a little, not just online. 


5. Go Shopping More, Online & In Store!

I don't know what it is but buying yourself a new piece of clothing gives me the same sensation when I've just had a pedicure, I feel like a new woman. When I shop for Free People clothes I love going online or even into the Kings Road store in Chelsea to try stuff before I buy! If you are interested in buying from Free People, make sure you order online before Friday 15th, and don't worry they're no custom or duty charges for ALL Free People UK orders, they handle everything from their side, dreamy eh!


6. Don't Stop Loving Yourself

At the start of the year, I realised the importance of 'self love'. Don't yawn, stay with me, going to the gym, eating well and looking after yourself is all part of self love, even regularly exfoliating before you tan, applying a weekly face mask or investing in a silk sleep mask- all these small changes will significantly change your energy/mood and keep you feeling in charge of your own life and at peace.


And finally..


8. Enjoy The Ride..

You are in your twenties now, Anna. Enjoy the ride, don't forget to work hard, play hard but always appreciate everything you do, and enjoy each moment, these will be memories that you will remember forever. 


What I Wore;


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Jeans- ASOS (last season)


Disclaimer: this post was in collaboration with Free People. Shot by @wildbindi.