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Within the realms of feminine luxury, you'll be hard pushed to find one greater than the touch of silk on your bare skin. I've always felt that investing in quality underwear and nightwear is so valuable - how womanly and confident it makes you feel and the benefits wearing quality fabric is just amazing.


Gilda & Pearl are connoisseurs within this remit, and so when I had the chance to don a few of their gorgeous items myself, there was only one sensible answer. As UK manufacturers of underwear, slips and kimonos, they take pride in injecting creativity, femininity and and beauty into their pieces. 


From Gilda and Pearl's collection I ordered the 'Hour Before Dawn' kimono and the 'Gilda' camisole. 


The kimono was honestly one of the most intricately delicately assembled items of clothing I've ever seen let alone owned! The hemming and lace detailing on the sleeves is beautiful and meticulous, with subtle gold threads and throughout the feminine floral patterning. What's more, it hangs so effortlessly off my shoulders and is so light to wear that I almost wanted to wear it out on a Saturday night to show it off! 


The Gilda cami was something I actually did wear out on a Saturday night. With silk lined cups, plunging neckline and subtle lacing made it such a diverse piece of clothing which I literally never wanted to take off. Like the kimono, it the detailing is second to none and you can really tell the amount of time and effort that's gone into creating it. 


Have a look around Gilda and Pearl's site and find yourself a little slice of heaven to add to . your wardrobe. 

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Did you know Gilda & Pearl are part of the Positive Luxury group?