Where Do I Get My Gym Motivation From?

Naturally, as a Fashion blogger you become more conscious about your looks, your weight, how you feel about yourself. It's a constant battle to always look good whether it's for meetings, events, taking images for the blog or social media, you always have to ensure you're representing yourself or the brand you are working for.

There are a couple of rules I stick too when it comes to my fitness routine, blogger or no blogger, male or female, the rules are still relevant to everyone, so listen up.


Find You Inspiration 

My inspiration is always found on Pinterest or people I find on Instagram, Ellie Gonsalves is my ultimate idle. She is constantly uploading workout routines, images of her progress or more recently she has started to create and sell guides on her transformation (for cheap aswell!) over the years I have built up a trust with her through instagram and can safely say she is one of my biggest motivators. 


Invest In Good Gym Clothes

I know it sounds a bit materialistic, but investing in some new gym wear will almost definitely help you gain motivation to hit the gym and work out. I always get a boost when I purchase new gym wear, it's brand new & it makes you feel great, especially when you find a cool patterned gym set like this Jungle Print one from Gym Attitude- how cool? Gym Attitude do a whole range of cool gym attire, make sure you check them out! You will find all of the website links below. 


Find Your Niche

My niche, is eating well and hitting the gym for a good work out session (when I'm being good) but not everyone is the same, my friend Sophie from the blog 'My Sisters Wardrobe' prefers power walking with weights, that's totally fine too! Find your 'niche' whether it's hitting the gym. running, HIIT sessions in the park, spinning classes, boxing just pick one and stick to it, or if you get bored try all of them out!


Eat Properly 

Diet contributes to 70% of your weight loss, if you are not looking to loose any weight and you are just looking to tone (like myself) your diet still plays a key role in weight management. Like, everyone, I can let this slip sometimes, but it's crucial you stick to a steady diet and really focus on everything you are putting in your body. I eat salads on a daily basis and try and drink as much water as possible, I used to never drink enough water so I bought myself a proper refillable water bottle, all you have to do is drink x3 of those and you've had your recommended allowance for the day! Boom. 


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